Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Was Jesus Nude After His Resurrection?
In John, after Mary has first turned around and seen Jesus, and after Mary and Jesus have started conversing, when Jesus states her name, Mary turns around again and speaks to him. Few believe that this means that when Jesus calls her name, she turns her back to him and converses. So the question arises as to how she could still be facing him if she has twice turned around.

One school of thought is that Mary had turned away between these two turns, Kastner arguing that she had done so due to Jesus being nude, while another school of thought suggests, like Brown, that the first turn was only partial and the second was a complete turn, as if she was standing at right angles to Jesus the first time she speaks. Schnackenberg and many textual scholars argue that the initial part of the narrative is misplaced, and hence that these two turns occurred at originally quite separate incidents.